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Ben Templesmith and the Spike TV Scream Awards

30daysofnitecover So I'm watching the Spike TV Scream Awards for SF/Fantasy/Horror, at first because nothing else was on, and then because they actually have to put their hands into a glass box of scorpions to pull out the envelope with the winner's name on it, and I nearly fell out of my seat when the Best Comic category comes up and 30 Days of Night by Ben Templesmith and Steve Niles flashes across the screen...and then proceeds to win.

If you've been living in a cave, you may not know that 30 Days of Night is now out as a major motion picture--and that Ben Templesmith is an amazing artist.

Of course, if you liked 30 Days of Night, you should check out Wormwood, Gentleman Corpse, Templesmith's latest project. Involving tentacular terrors, fungus, and, er, a gentleman corpse, this graphic novel is by turns funny, horrifying, and always brilliantly illustrated. The art has the color range of a strobing squid, in a good way, and there's a definite grand guignol feel to it all.

As for th30wormwoodcovere Spike TV Scream Awards, I recommend them highly, having finally seen them. There's something to be said for an awards show that includes appearances by Harrison Ford and Ozzy Osbourne and Quentin Tarantino (inexplicably shouting "Do we share the same fungus?" over and over again) and Kevin Smith and Bruce Campbell (entering with the immortal line "Has Dame Judy Dench ever sat in a pile of intestines for seven hours?"). It's got a healthy sense of camp--kind of the anti-Academy Awards. Not to mention, plenty of scorpions. Expect more from Ben Templesmith about upcoming projects in the near future. In the meantime, check out this fascinating interrogatory with the man, from the cult site Skull Ring.



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