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Blog Breeds Book: Roy Kesey's All Over

Kesey Sometimes blogs beget books. In the case of Dan Wickett's Emerging Writers Network, it's resulted in an entire publishing company and related apparatus. EWN was already known for being a great source of information for anything and everything literary. Now, however, their Dzanc Books press has published its first project: Roy Kesey's short story collection All Over. Not only has Kesey's work been blurbed by the great George Saunders, but Stephen King took the Kesey story "Wait" for the just-published Best American Short Stories.

My favorite quote about the collection comes from Lee K. Abbott, who writes, "For those keen to know the next generation of the American short story, consider All Over, which features the loopy paranoia of Don DeLillo, the po-mo-mo whimsy of Donald Barthelme, the spooky learnedness of Thomas Pynchon, the high-minded literary sleight-of-hand of Robert Coover and John Barth, and the secret geek speak of George Saunders. Add a touch of the Brothers Grimm, Jules Verne, and the Looney Tunes, and you've got a book of a million moving parts, all working in breathtaking harmony to keep illusion aloft."

I don't really know how you top that, and yet it's true. Kesey's a true original. Kesey's stories have appeared in The Iowa Review, McSweeney’s, The Kenyon Review, and The New England Review among others, and this collection is well worth your time and effort.

The next offering from Dzanc will be a "best of the web" anthology series, out next year. For information on that project and more, visit the Emerging Writers Network. --Jeff


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