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Ready for Children's Book Week?

2007cbwposterThe 88th annual Children's Book Week is next week, November 12–18. I know, I know: If you have kids and you're reading Omnivoracious, every week is probably Children's Book Week in your home. But the Children's Book Council has some good ideas for celebrating the occasion—including a few worth stealing from their suggested parents letter for teachers:


  • During dinner, each family member should share their current favorite book by naming the title, author and illustrator, and giving a brief description of the book and why it’s a favorite.
  • Go to the library or a bookstore as a family and help each other pick out new books to bring home.
  • Work with your child and some friends to develop a play based on a scene from their favorite book. Invite family and friends to view the production. Remember to take pictures.
  • Write a story based on some favorite book characters. Work together as a family to develop plot ideas.
  • After dinner, instead of watching television, read aloud from a book (or books) to each other. If you haven’t been read to in a while, you’ll be surprised how much fun it is.

Also: be on the lookout for read-ins, author and illustrator visits, and awards parties in your area or school. And don't miss the very cool vintage posters for sale from past book weeks, e.g.:



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That's the Children's Book Council that was having that sale: If you contact them, I'm sure they can give you more details.

I was hoping to see your vintage poster sale page. Do you know when it will be ready? I am looking for posters done by Barabra Cooney if any?

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