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John Scalzi: The Man with a Plan (and Sheep)

Arguably, no author has made a bigger splash in Science Fiction in the past couple of years than John Scalzi. Winner of the Campbell Award for best new writer and a finalist for the Hugo Award, Scalzi's brand of adventurous, clever, and fun SF has garnered him a legion of fans. His Whatever blog is one of the most popular on the internet, and he continues to engage a variety of sometimes controversial subjects with typical intelligence, verve, and tenacity. Recently, I sat down with Scalzi for this exclusive video interview. Among other topics, we talked about The Android's Dream, recently published in a sleek new mass market edition, which entailed also talking about, er, strange sheep and unusual death, among other topics. Enjoy.

Android   Old_man_war Last_colony Ghost_brigade


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The android's dream, it's a great book. I believe in a future in which the artificial intelligence can to create a machine intelligent as us.

José Perdomo

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