Science Fiction and Fantasy Links for a Lazy Tuesday

For SF/Fantasy fans just recovering from a long weekend, here's a links roundup for your Tuesday reading pleasure!

Read the prologue to space opera genius Iain M. Banks' new Culture novel, Matter: "A screen flicked into existence a couple of metres in front of the woman, filling half her field of view.  It showed, from a point a hundred metres above and in front of its leading edge, an army of men--some mounted, most on foot--marching along another section of the desert highway, all raising dust which piled into the air and drifted slowly away to the south-east. Sunlight glittered off the edges of raised spears and pikes."

Download bestselling fantasist Robin Hobb's Shaman's Crossing as part of Eos celebrating their ten-year anniversary: "Eos is 10 years old! To kick-off our yearlong anniversary party, we're giving away free e-books!  Every two months for 2008, we'll give away a new free e-book."

Wired Magazine weighs in on the role of the philosophical in SF: "If you want to read books that tackle profound philosophical questions, then the best--and perhaps only--place to turn these days is sci-fi. Science fiction is the last great literature of ideas."

SF Site lists the best science fiction and fantasy of 2007: "All in all, I'd say 2007 was a very good year, good enough so that the main problem was not in finding enough titles to make the list, but instead the problem was cutting titles that in many other years would have been automatic inclusions."

Sample J.G. Ballard's forthcoming autobiography: "I slipped out of the hotel and began to walk the street. The pavements were already crowded with food vendors, porters steering new photocopiers into office entrances, smartly dressed young secretaries shaking their heads at a plump and sweating 60-year-old European out on some dishevelled errand.

Duo Howard Waldrop and Lawrence Person's split review of Cloverfield: "When I first heard about Cloverfield, I was pretty lukewarm about the whole idea. After all, a great deal of the fun of a monster movie is seeing the monster. The other problem was the nature of the protagonists: When it comes to monsters eating club-hoping 20-something yuppie Manhattanites, right off the bat I'm rooting for the monster."

Techropolis attempts to parse what makes for a good SF movie: "Ah, the question that burns like a fire in the soul of every science fiction fan. Finally we shall know the answer."

And, finally--drum roll!--the top five celebrities zombies would avoid eating:  "5) Keith Richards--Zombies consider it bad form to turn on one of their own. They’re not cannibals, for goodness sake."

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