Guest Bookshelf: Jessa Crispin

GalleyCat's Ron Hogan's six-word memoir in Not Quite What I Was Planning is "Internet famous, for what that's worth," which could apply even more so ("Internet famouser"?) to Jessa Crispin, whose Bookslut blog and web mag was the flagship of the early independent book sites from its beginnings way back in 2002 and remains as busy and feisty as ever today. She and her many contributors (including our own Jeff VanderMeer) have always read as readers, not industry insiders or literary arbiters, with a taste for books high and low and in between. We certainly blog in her wake (you might even say that "Omnivoracious" is a fancy--and more polite--translation of "Bookslut"), and we think it's lovely that she's sent us a bookshelf photo to headline Omnivoracious this week. Here's what she has to say about it:

The books in the picture are from the nonfiction books I have hidden away in my bedroom. I used to have serious hoarding tendencies, and I would keep every single book I read. Now, if it's on my shelf it's either because I haven't read it yet (I have to admit I have not read about half of the books on that shelf) or because I think I might need it for later reference, because I think I'll reread it at some point, or because I have sentimental attachment to it. The book on that shelf I am the most attached to is the copy of The Golden Bough. It was given to me by my sister when I was 15, and I carried it with me everywhere. It took me six months to read, but I was smitten.


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