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How to Raise and Keep a Dragon: Feedback from Kids

My friend Joe Nigg, channeling dragon buyer John Topsell, published a book called How to Raise and Keep a Dragon back in 2006. Joe has written a number of wonderful books about mythological and folkloric creatures, but this one had a particularly interesting story behind it--one that's still unfolding. As Joe explains, "A funny thing happened. The book went from a commissioned adult spoof of animal-raising guides to [being] marketing as an illustrated children's book. The book's surprisingly enthusiastic reception internationally (see matches for John Topsell on has shown how fervently many young readers dream of raising their own dragon--and that many adults shared that dream as children, some apparently still believing there are such creatures."

Fueling this impression, Joe says that "Topsell lists fictitious Dragon Suppliers in the back of the book," a resource page that has, in part, led to a lot of correspondence from kids--a veritable outpouring. They run the gamut from literal belief and doubt to imaginary play. Sometimes, Joe says, he responds by writing, "John Topsell's dragons have been in myths and stories worldwide since time immemorial. But there are real animals called 'dragons': the Komodo Dragon of Indonesia (which grows up to 10 scary feet long!), and Chinese Bearded Dragons and Water Dragons, tiny lizards that people raise as pets. What I recommend is that you create your own imaginary Dragon friend. Select its breed, size, and color. Name it, and raise it as you read the book."

Below you'll find some wonderful (uncorrected) excerpts from the many emails and letters received by Joe, which once again show just how imaginative and passionate kids can be about the things they love.

How_to_raise        Dragons_2 (The cover of How to Raise and Keep a Dragon and another great book by Nigg, The Book of Dragons and other Mythical Beasts)

I loved the book "How to Raise and Keep a Dragon." I live in California, but my parents are unwilling to drive to Dragon House, Inc. to get a miniature Standard Western Dragon. First of all, is there any way to get a dragon egg shipped here? And, my parents have no belief in dragons whatsoever. I need to find some way to get a dragon, no matter what the cost. In addition, I need to know how much they cost. Thanks! how long wold it take for a dragon to fly from canada to south america?


I am five years old. I want a Standard Western Dragon. I also want the Mushussu Dragon. I want the Piasa Dragon and the Dragon of India. Where can I get them? Can I have a dragon? That is it.


dose a baby dragon think your its mom wen it haches?


I have your book and I had wanted to purchase a mini western dragon so I looked in the resources and found a place to purchase a dragon from, so I looked on the internet to look up the place I wanted to get my dragon from, and when I searched it said:"Nothing matches your search."I obviously knew the place you mentioned in the resources wasn't real.I asked my dad to help me find a place where someone sold real dragons on the internet but my dad insisted they were not real.I NEED YOU TO GET ME A LINK FOR A FEW WHERE THEY SELL REAL DRAGONS ON THE INTERNET!!!


i saw the thing about mouthrot but how do you see it and kier it.


I read the book "How to raise and keep a dragon" and I think it's FANTASTIC. But still have questions I would like to ask. Does a dragon exists(I really really really wish it does.)? If so, can you please give me the phone numbers of the dragon suppliers in China (If [you] have them. If not,the addresses will be ok.)and send me a picture of a stanrd western dragon(green,if possible.), too. Thank you!


How big should a miniture dragons room be, at the smallest?


I am taking care of a standard western dragon and I am wondering where to buy riding equipment for it.


Why did you lie to me? I was so upset when I asked my mom where Babyon was, because I wanted to train a Mushussu dragon. She told me about how it was now Iraq and that it no longer exists. I hate you!


What if my dragon goes Buzerk and gets really mean? (not that it has)


I am an eleven year old fan of dragons, and I am wondering what you think about them. I must ask, do you truly believe dragons are/were real? Please answer truthfully, I do not like being misguided. I would like to discuss this topic more with you, if you don't mind.


I would like to know if you really have dragons because I would like to get one and I can't get one if they're not real.


I have a full grown European Dragon, a mini- European dragon, and a European Dragon egg, but where can I find a home for them in a mountain? (I am an excellent trainer but people keep spotting them and faint, while some call the police!) Please reply A.S.A.P.!!!!!!!!



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Everyone who is asking where to buy one,read the part in the book where it shows registration forms for the WDC.Hint:Mail them a message

How much is a mushussu or cockatrice? :) Full sized and miniature

I have two dragons a Fire and an Ice dragon. The Ice dragon is getting very ill and I would really like to replace him. I would like to know how to get an Ice dragon egg sent to my house. I adopted the dragons I have from a dragon orphanage and was given them as a present for finding lost dragons.

deosnt anyone come on here anymore?

Where do you get them!! I totally want one. My friend says she has some and brought it to school but I didn't see any thing.?

hey gracie can u give me the link to the egg?

Please, somebodyyyyyyyy. I really want a dragon egg, or even just a dragon. If you can help me out, please comment back, and I give you my email and stuff, but I'm almost 14 years old now, and have always really wanted a dragon. This book is super helpful and awesome (I love it<3)And don't tell me that dragons are fake, cuz I've seen a real dragon egg (they're so cool!) and I can even link you to the pic of the egg! Anywayysss. So please help! :)

i reeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaallllllllllllllllyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy want a dragon!ive been adicted to dragon items every time i find somthing i freak out and buy it! i read A LOT about dragons and books with dragons in them and im wondering if anyone and it mean ANYONE knows where to get a dragon?

Where do you get a standard western dragon???

Where can i get a standerd western dragon I NEED 1 SO BAD!!!!!!

Im 12 tears old and im reading how to raise and keep a dragon and i think they are so epic!!!!!! I want a sea dragon or standard western dragon. Can anyone give me info. On how to obtain these amazing creatures????

HEY EVERYONE! HI, I asked my history teachers about Babylon and guess what they said. Babylon still exists. They said that It is under a new name of which none of them know. I also searched the internet about Babylon and some of them say the same thing but under a new name. Some say it is now Iraq and some doesn't say anything at all. For now I am still looking for the new name of Babylon or the EXACT location of Babylon during the old and modern times. CAN ANYONE PLEASE HELP AT THIS RESEARCH? This is for ALL of OUR sakes and for everyone who wants a dragon anyway.
Thank you Thank you Thank you to everyone :)

I asked my mom if Babylon still exists but she said it is now the three countries of Iran, Iraq, and Saudi Arabia. Well that is what she said. I don't know much of it my self. I know of a spell to make dragons come to you but unfortunately it has to be done on May's full moon. And You have to earn their trust before they show them selves.
I just want a dragon because I want a friend here. Maybe we can ask the author of the book to tell us the real addresses maybe? *sigh*

I dont know if all of them are fake but Babylon doesn't exist any more

Hi Courtney, I already tried that spell many months ago but a dragon still hasn't come to me yet. And everyone says nothing on the dragon section of SoM works. But I'm sure at least one of them has to work.
And can anyone PLEASE answer my question above this comment. TY to everyone!

HI, umm, I have a question about the book. Are the addresses there Real Or fake?

where con i find a dragon

So I'm pretty sure all of you are idiots. My dreams were crushed with this stupid book when I realized the addresses are fake.

What? Dragon lessons at school? That's strange, but great!
I love it, really!

OMG!!! Guess what!!! I found a spell to make a dragon come to you!!!! You need to write on a piece of paper first the name of the dragon you want, then the age you want it to be, then the type, and then whether it's good or bad. Next, you rip up the paper, toss it out a window, and in a few months the dragon will be there!

I believe in dragons so freaking much and I don' t know where to get one could anyone plz plz PLZ help

wher do i get a dragon ?!?!?!?!

how do you get a dragon i really want one where can you get one

hello is anyone the i know i seem despret but i realy want a dragon so ppppppppplllllllleeeeeeeeeaaaaaasssssssseeeee tell me where to get one !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

where can i buy a dragon/ dragon egg? i really want one

I`d love to have a dragon. i`ve wanted one for like ever plz tell me where i can get one!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i would like almost anyone of them as long as i can pay for it. I`ve been looking ever where for one or their eggs and can`t find anything plz help me find one!!!!!!!!!!! if i did i would be the most happiest girl in the world.

wait olivia, wat is the EXACT adress u sent the letter to? i wana dragon :(

okay I wanted a dragon since I was 5 and I want a standard western and the color I want would be a darker sky blue and it to have silver wings and a white tummy please tell me how to get one I'm dying to get one please

i do believe that dragons exist and they are I love the standard western but sadly they only come in full side and I do not think you would want a miniature dragon of a full because they don't live as long as a full you can get a miniature worm dragon but if you want a dragon you'll have to catch it yourself sorry go hiking where there can be places to hide I thank you so much for believing go hiking your parents would probably like it I do love the book "How To Raise And Keep A Dragon" please keep on believing you can email me at bye from a dragonolgist student in training from the club "Dragon safety assotiation club" for short dsac you can join just email me and I can test you on dragons

i cant figure out how to get a dragon! i have read the book how to raise and keep a dragon but i dont know where to get one! i really really want a dragon of india, mushussu, or worm

Hey Olivia! I REALLY want a mini Mushussu! If you give me your e-mail i will send you my email. My mom dosent allow me to give my adress to people but if you could post yours then I can give it to you. Oh and if possible could you please tell me the adress to this one. I will give you the name and state. Mushussus-the onsort of the gods in babylon.

is there a website to get a dragon and get it shipped to where i live? and where can u get one?


I'm with you, Frozenbullies and Feroshio. (: Feroshio sounds amazing... I bet it's thrilling to ride him, and he's beautiful. I have many dragons as well.

--To the other-- It's ridiculous to convince someone that dragons exist physically, and that you can purchase them with MONEY. Seriously, if any dragons existed, wouldn't you have seen them? As people's pets? If they truly existed, they wouldn't be purchasable for anything under billions of dollars. Get a grip, kids, and enjoy dragons as they are.

I'm with you, Frozenbullies and Feroshio. (: Feroshio sounds amazing... I bet it's thrilling to ride him, and he's beautiful. I have many dragons as well.

--To the other-- It's ridiculous to convince someone that dragons exist physically, and that you can purchase them with MONEY. Seriously, if any dragons existed, wouldn't you have seen them? As people's pets? If they truly existed, they wouldn't be purchasable for anything under billions of dollars. Get a grip, kids, and enjoy dragons as they are.

It this is a cruel joke then you are all sickos. You're even worse than the "DRAGONOLOGY" series because they at least say "for entertainment purposes only" on the bottom of each page.

P.S If you are not kidding than i'm really sorry and would like the dragon dealers from the resources (their adress not the actual dealer)

If ur lying ur even meaner than the dipwads at dragonology because they at least say "entertainment purposes only" at the back and u do not. Youre a bully crushing childrens dreams.

P.S. If this isnt a joke then im so so so so sorry and would like an adress for a western or mushussu dragon.

Lori and Olivia,

Srsly? I love dragons to death but really? Telling these kids that you can give them a real, live dragon? Stop breaking dreams! I have had my heart smushed too many times over snake-oil dragon sellings. Just give it a rest! So far they can not be found or sold dear Olivia. Follow what I say.


If you want a Dragon just imagine one in your head and heart. My dearest Frost/eastern mix, Feroshio (fear-o-she-o), is the love of my life even if I am the only one who can see him. The dream never dies no matter how many grown-ups tell you kill it.

Much love,
Frozenbullies and Feroshio
Ages 14 and unlimited

I loved this book. I really want a miniature Piasa or a Standard Western Dragon. has anyone found a place where they breed these? If so please reply.

look i have entered the dragon world. i am also apart of the mystical world. i m a vampire. all of the dragons are kept at a reserve and come to my weebly website to fill out a fourm to get a dragon but it must be kept at the reserve.
thank you.

hello???????????????? is anyone on here????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

i also read all of ernest drakes books. theyre AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

wow ok spell boooks are u guyz satanic or wicca or something

yeah.. so if dragons exist where are they now if they do plz post a link on here

What are the phone numbers or addresses of the dragon suppliers?
I'm 11 and I'd like a standard western dragon. I love dragons! As you might not think I'm an advanced dragonologist, but I read all of Dr.Earnest Drakes books. I love them just like yours!

I have a mushussu! First of all, is the book Dragonology good to learn more about dragons?

hello? anyone there!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Where do you get a miniature dragon? I really want one seriously. Can anybody try to help me get a spell to obtain a dragon? PLease?? By the way I totally believe in dragons.

dragon rider, do you have a dragon egg because I really want a dragon that is able to be ridden and is available for flying to ohio? My Grandfather has 780 acres to keep it in.Thank you,
dragonrider, My email is email me

where can u get a musshu????

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