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Jeffrey Ford's The Shadow Year Has a Soundtrack

Jeffrey Ford has followed up his Edgar-winning The Girl in the Glass with the richly nostalgic coming-of-age novel The Shadow Year, which is something of a hymn to long-lost summers. There are elements of a mystery and some small elements of fantasy, but this is largely a mainstream novel that should appeal to a wide range of readers. Praise for the novel includes a starred review in Kirkus: "...Properly creepy, but from time to time deliciously funny and heart-breakingly poignant, too. For those of you—and you know who you are—who think the indispensable element for good genre fiction is good writing, this is not to be missed."

                                                                             (Author photo by Ellen Datlow)

Yesterday, Ford was on the majorly cool Largehearted Boy blog talking about the music behind The Shadow Year: "I hadn’t thought about what type of music might make up the soundtrack of the novel, so to speak, until I was contacted by Largehearted Boy, but once the question was put to me some choices immediately became clear. Much of the novel is based on my own childhood, growing up in a neighborhood very like the one in the book, although the story is very definitely fiction. I remember when my siblings and I were the age of the characters, a time when there was a real revolution going on in popular music, namely the rock and roll era of The Beatles and The Stones and the rise of Motown." Check out the rest of the feature.


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"The photography on the book cover of The Shadow Year is beautiful."

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