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Science Fiction/Fantasy Cornucopia for a Lazy Tuesday


For your Tuesday reading pleasure, the Omnivoracious Paper Parrot presents a selection of recent SF and Fantasy--a little something for everyone, really, in terms of your reading tastes, from cult to bestsellers and everything inbetween. Starting at the top of the stack...

Bruce Taylor's Edward: Dancing on the Edge of Infinity - As blurbed by award-winning author Jay Lake, this latest book from cult author Taylor, sometimes known as "Mr. Magic Realism," is "Steal This Book, The Anarchist's Cookbook and Jonathan Livingston Seagull...written by the love child of Tom Robbins and Philip K. Dick." It's definitely pretty wild.

A. Lee Martinez's The Automatic Detective - Mack the robot must investigate the kidnapping of his neighbors, leading him into a strange quest through Empire City, and even stranger conspiracies. From the Alex Award-winner. Funny and delightful.

Wade Tarzia's The Sorceror's Chain - Underrated writer Tarzia chronicles the life of the city of Fenward in this complex and interesting swords-and-sorcery tale. A hammer-wielding wizard comes to Fenward, with disastrous consequences. Curses, shunned houses, and a young prophetess all feature in this very original novel.

Robin Hobb's Renegade's Magic - Perennial reader favorite returns with the thrilling conclusion to her Soldier Son Trilogy. Some people have indicated they think this series is slower than her previous efforts. It may be, but it's also deeper and more satisfying.

L. Timmel Duchamp's The Blood in the Fruit - The latest book in the Marq'ssan Cycle might just be the best yet, part of a series that is the most important political SF published in the last decade. Praised by the likes of Cory Doctorow and Samuel Delany, Duchamp's accomplishment here is deadly, sharp, emotional, and intelligent.

Kage Baker's Gods and Pawns - As a huge fan of Baker's Company novels, it's a pleasure to read this volume of related stories. The Company tries to prevent people from changing the past, sometimes in merciless fashion. Baker's good at everything--horror, SF, fantasy, and humor--and if you haven't read her work before this is a good starting place.

Alan Dean Foster's Patrimony - Some of us around here grew up on Foster's novels about Pip and Flinx, a man and his dragon-critter sidekick. Invariably, the fate of the universe rests in their hands. This latest continues the saga, almost two decades since the publication of the first installment.

David Keck's In a Time of Treason - Intelligent, complex heroic fantasy from a rising star of fantasy. Keck manages to make gritty medievalism fresh again with intrigue and carefully-drawn characters.

Kelley Armstrong's Personal Demon - In Book 8 of the Women of the Otherworld series, bestselling author Armstrong continues to delight fans with the tale of tabloid reporter Hope Adams, who loves danger just a little too much. Featuring werewolves and much else supernatural. (Official release date April 1.)

George R.R. Martin's Inside Straight - Wild Cards fans should enjoy this latest installment, featuring the work of, among others, Daniel Abraham and Carrie Vaughn. The series is based on the premise that an alien virus in the 1940s changed human DNA, killing most but leaving the rest with deformities or superhuman powers. Generations have passed. Now it's the new kids' turn to mess things up--"Aces are just movie stars to them, and jokers are as commonplace as the poor." Intricately plotted, exciting stuff.


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I read "Edward: Dancing on the Egde of Infinity" a few weeks ago, and i don't know that i'd "blurb" it the same way Lake did, but still, unbelievably enjoyable. but it is one of those books that explains, in a neat and tidy little package, life's punchline.a quick and easy read.

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