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Suffering Succotash, Why You Little Bleep!

You could burn your ears several times over reading aloud from Curse + Berate in 69+ Languages, edited by R.V. Branham (and brought to you by the ever-cheeky Soft Skull Press). It's so filthy and rife with controversy, I can't possibly quote from the book itself, except, possibly, from the introduction, in which Branham raises a series of questions, then answered in footnotes so the easily offended won't jump out of their chairs: "What insult has the most time zones, and what is the language of this insult? And what is the most common insult south of the Kush, in south Asia? What was Vladimir Lenin's favorite word?" No, it was not "hushpuppy," "whimsical," or "contented." Instead, it was something that would sear your grandma's eyebrows right off.

I should probably leave it there, though, and let the more adventurous @#&*%! Amazon readers discover more on their own.



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When I was 16, I could swear in 5 languages. I'm not sure why I was so proud of that fact but I thought it was a 'cool' thing, even though the only language I was fluent in was English.

I'm a published author now, so I choose my words more wisely. Then again, some of my characters swear.

Hmmm...I might have to pick this book up. I can write it off as..."research".

Sounds like a delightful, educational guilty pleasure! How did you ever research this book? Where did you find the insults and proverbs?

Consider me impressed with your ambition to curse in 69 languages!

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