Airplane (Tarmac) Reading: Barack Obama


Can you use a photograph as a book blurb? If so, Fareed Zakaria might want to find a way to get this photo (by Doug Mills of the New York Times, via Shelf Awareness) on the cover of the paperback (or, the way it's selling, on the next hardcover edition) of The Post-American World. I love the way you can tell how far Obama's gotten in the book by where his finger is holding his place (which, as all bookworms know, is also body-language code for "Okay, I'll talk to you, but what I really want to do is get back to reading this book, which I will start doing as soon as you leave me alone."). (Also note what appears to be a flag pin!) I'd ask whether this shot will have the same effect on sales of Post-American World that photos of Posh Spice reading (or at least holding) Skinny Bitch did for that one, but Post-American has already spent most of this month in our Top 10 (currently #7, as one of the few books in the 10 not written by Stephenie Meyer).

Meanwhile, let's summarize: here we have the current frontrunner (barely) to be the 44th president of the United States (the son of a Kenyan man and an American woman, named Barack Obama), reading the top-selling current events book of the season (by an immigrant from Mumbai named Fareed Zakaria) called The Post-American World. Some evidence that we may not be living in Nixonland anymore... --Tom

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