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Friday Night Videos: Bright Shiny Morning versus Vodka Chelsea

Welcome once again to Friday Night Videos, where we aim to give you the kind of match-ups you deserve for hanging out here on the weekend. Tonight, in honor of his guest posting right here at Omnivoracious, it's James Frey talking about his new book Bright Shiny Morning (May 13) versus Chelsea Handler talking about Are You There, Vodka? It's Me, Chelsea, which just hit the NYT bestseller list. Frey you already know about from his posts. Handler, who has a show on E! every weeknight at 11:30, is a little newer to the spotlight, but very talented. She's got incredible comic timing and has a great blend of irreverent, self-deprecating humor and biting satire. The Q&A from a bookstore gig displays her sharp wit and her quick-thinking approach to comedy. (More videos here.)


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I've never been a big fan of the talking head video. And I do think that people are going to choose a favorite primarily based on personal preference to genre.
I liked that the Frey video was short. It really didn't do anything for me.
The Chelsea video was more engaging. Maybe because there was a Q&A with lots of different people that wasn't scripted. Maybe because she was funny and personable. I think all of those reasons are why I prefer the Chelsea video.

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