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Friday Night Videos: Plummer as Nabokov Lecturing on Kafka versus Headless Sexy Man

Welcome back to Friday Night Videos, where we aim to give you the kind of match-ups you deserve for hanging out here on the weekend. Our first video, in honor of Dmitri Nabokov's decision to release The Original of Laura, is a curious cultural remnant of a time when novelists had more importance than they do today. It's a television re-creation of a Nabokov lecture on Kafka featuring Christopher Plummer as Nabokov. (I couldn't make this stuff up if I tried.) Nabokov's opponent tonight is Diana Holquist's promo video for Sexiest Man Alive from Warner Books. This video features excellent use of a cat. Enjoy!


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Randomly linked videos?

I think not.

Sexiest Man Alive was written in Ithaca, where this lecture takes place. My critique partner lives in the house in which N. wrote Lolita. Sexiest Man Alive was discussed there endlessly, perhaps for N's ghost to hear. (So, so sorry, Vlad...)

Plus, just to make it extra spooky, I hear that Nabokov had excellent abs. Why else would dear Nora put up with so much?

Thanks for the post. My cat is kvelling.


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