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Guest Blogger: James Frey

May is here. Two big things for me this month. One is that I am guest-blogging on Amazon all month. The other is that my new novel, Bright Shiny Morning, comes out on May 13th. Will check in now and then with updates, stories, impressions. I'll be doing some press, and will be on tour for a couple weeks. If you can, come check out the shows. Things are going to vary from venue to venue, but I'll have other writers reading with me, projected images, music, lights, live bands in LA and San Francisco. The band in LA is called Black Tide, and they're one of the best metal bands in the country, they played te main stage on OzzFest last summer. The band is SF is called 3rdrail, and has a big local following. They both rock.

That's it for now. Here's to Amazon for inviting me to do this all month.

James Frey


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Well well well James. I'm happy to read of the extent of your success. Good one sir. Because of you many of them have jobs. Successful books under right the 80% of see the light of print but don't make money. I'm a Delhi based Yank, ex peace corps [INDIA XVI} who left only for a fortnight last September in London since marrying a Kashmiri my age [66 and 67] in 1993. I have been able to get paid for my writing which is totally non fiction. I find the process oft terrifing. I was given a copy of your book by a woman at the American Womans Association library at the Embassy. "Read this." I did. Thanks. I'll keep an eye on this space for coming attactions. I'm a late life learner and this really is the first blog I've blogged.

I just pre-ordered BSM. Are you touring in Denver at all? If so, you should hook up with this band Hearts of Palm (formerly Nathan and Stephen). It's like a 9 piece band with great horns etc. Or another good one is Run Run Run. Hope to see you on tour, looking forward to your new novel.

Really interesting comments about those people. Good to hear from you. Uma

James Frey...welcome back!

Hey, Jimmy Frey! Last weekend I went to the Indie Rock Wars at Lake Las Vegas wearing dirty jeans and faux tats, smoked a bowl and heard twenty bands. They rocked, too. Yeah, I have a new book coming out, as well, "Jaclyn the Ripper," but who cares about books if the bands are loud? What kinda cool T-shirt are you gonna be wearing in SF?

Ok - I'm a writer. I Guest Blog. Only when I Guest Blog I actually spend a few hours coming up with a topic that will interest fellow writers. Frey's 'Guest Blog' seems to be a PR piece about what he's up to. Duh? Why would we even care?????

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