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SF-Fantasy Heavy Hitters for the Summer


Want a big fat science fiction or fantasy book to lead the way into summer? Well, for SF you could do worse than pick up the huge new (definitive) Orson Scott Card collection from Tor, Keeper of Dreams. It includes story notes and commentary from the author and the sheer variety and talent on display will keep you on your toes.

For the kind of dark, epic fantasy that resides somewhere between China Mieville and George R.R. Martin, be sure to sample Iron Angel from Alan Campbell. His previous novel Scar Night was a great steampunkish debut, and this one contains even more of the same grand storytelling and exciting adventure.

Another fantasy sequel by Kate Elliott, Shadow Gate, takes readers back to a rich fantasy world of fabled cities and mysterious gods. A little lighter but just as engaging as the Campbell, Elliott gives readers a great heroic fantasy, complete with spirits and flying animals.

Finally, for fantasy a little closer to home, Paul Park weighs in with the concluding volume to his Novels of Roumania series, Hidden World. Award-hyped and brilliantly written these intelligent and stylish books deserve your immediate attention. If you haven't read any in the series, start with A Princess of Roumania. You'll be glad you did.


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I'm not a big science fiction/fantasy fan but I am a major Finnophile. Last year I read the "Daedalus Book of Finnish Fantasy" (pictured in the photograph) and there are a few genuinely creepy stories in it. Well worth reading if you like to be unnerved.

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