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Friday Night Videos: Origami Book Winner Catherine Cheek--and Eoin Colfer Under the Bright Lights

Welcome once again to Friday Night Videos, where we usually match up book-related videos against each other in mortal combat--to satisfy the blood-sport instincts of rabid bibliophiles. This time, though, it's the origami book contest winner and a cool video in support of Eoin Colfer's summer book tour for The Time Paradox (Artemis Fowl, book six). A programming note: After tonight, this feature will go on hiatus for a little while, returning with a slightly different focus.

First, the origami. Last week, we ran a video on how to make an origami book, along with a contest. The winner would get the coolest tiny book in my house. Turns out it's harder to make one of these things than you'd think. But we do have a winner: Catherine Cheek. Cheek is what you'd call multi-creative, as evidenced by the other cool stuff on her website. She's also recently signed on with Kate Schaefer Testerman to represent her on her cool novel Alternate Susan--and she has short fiction forthcoming in several anthologies and magazines. Here's her origami book, with more photos on her site.


Cheek's has some experience making books--just look at this handmade beauty, for example:

        Kater_book2         Kater3_2 

As for what she wins, it's a copy of The Little Greenish-Brown Book of Slugs, with a copy of my just released Secret Lives thrown in for good measure.


And now for the video, which is a great example of how to build excitement for a book tour...


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