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Friday Night Videos: Poppets on a Book Tour

Welcome once again to Friday Night Videos, where we usually match up book-related videos against each other in mortal combat--to satisfy the blood-sport instincts of rabid bibliophiles.

Tonight, though, it's poppet theatre, featuring a really cool library heavy with Neil Gaiman offerings. So, it's either eerie surreal poppetry you're enjoying...or a nice review of bookshelves. Only serious bibliophiles need apply. David Kirkpatrick shot the video in his library, with his ten-year-old daughter, Alia: "She wanted to do something with the poppets, and we hit on the idea of doing a stop-motion movie. When we decided to use the bookcase, the plot for the movie jumped out at us."

(For more cool poppets, visit Lisa Snellings-Clarke's website.)


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