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It Happened One Knife: Humorous Companion to Summer Movie-Going

Okay, so It Happened One Knife is a terrible pun on the movie title It Happened One Night, but don't hold it against Jeffrey Cohen--either the title or the knife. Cohen, who has been described as "the Dave Barry of the New Jersey Turnpike" (which actually makes him, er, Jeffrey Cohen), is a first-rate comedic mystery writer. It Happened One Knife features independent movie theatre owner Elliot Freed. Elliot Freed couldn’t be happier—his all-comedy-all-the-time movie theatre has gotten a makeover, he might be getting back together with his ex-wife, and he's lifted his ban on non-comedies so he can show his projectionist’s gory film-school debut. Then things go seriously wrong. The film goes missing and one of his boyhood heroes is implicated in a fifty-year-old murder. And that's just the beginning of Freed's troubles...

The first novel in the series, Some Like It Hot-Buttered, was nominated for a Lefty Award for best comedic mystery. Cohen himself has an interesting back story: he's very active in the mystery community and writers for, among others, The New York Times, USA Weekend, Premiere, TV Guide, and the Newark Star-Ledger. He's also written more than 20 feature-length screenplays, and his work has been developed by  Jim Henson Productions, CBS, and Gross-Weston Productions. He is the author of three previous novels and two non-fiction books, and lives in New Jersey with his wife and children.

Of Cohen's Double Feature mystery series, Linda Ellerbee, famed TV journalist, has said, “Movies, murder, characters who are real people, laughs, danger, and damn good writing...truly has something for everyone: a comedy tonight—and so much more!” Check it out! (And don't forget to visit the really cool website.)



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Can't thank you enough for the mention, Jeff. Makes me glad I sat down to write the book in the first place.

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