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Shawn Klomparens' Jessica Z: Twenty-First Century Hybrid?

Here's an intriguing mix of post 9-11 modernism: Jessica Z, a near-future novel that Lisa Unger, New York Times bestselling author of Black Out says "offers an intense and startling vision of the near future where a young woman struggles to find a roadmap for life beneath the thunderheads of terror, lust, and art. Perfectly capturing the ubiquitous sense of dread in a post- 9/11 world dominated by violence and mass media, Jessica Z. is gripping, unsettling, and dreamlike. A dazzling debut that kept me anxiously turning the pages—and stayed with me long after the book was closed." I was honestly going to give this one a pass, but the "mix" alluded to by Unger intrigued me. I'm about half-way through the novel and it's tight, well-written, and fairly unusual. It's an audacious move to add terrorist acts to a story about relationships and eroticism, but it seems to be working. Shawn Klomparens is at the very least a genuinely original new voice in fiction. Definitely check this one out.



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I just finished this tonight and was so blown away by how he did a woman's voice. LOVED this book.

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