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John Scalzi on Why You Should Care About Zoe's Tale

Hugo Award finalist (and now winner!) and John W. Campbell Award recipient John Scalzi brings readers something new and different this month with Zoe's Tale. The protagonist is a 17-year-old girl. The milieu is the same as for his Old Man's War novels. Rumor has it this new novel has made a few librarians cry. Has Scalzi gone soft? Not likely. Something tells me the man who had the guts to put bacon on his cat's head has probably just gone and taken it to the next level.


Which brings us to the question I asked Scalzi as an Amazon exclusive: Who is Zoe and why should we care about her tale?

Scalzi: Why, she's just your average sort of teenage girl, of course, who just happens to be standing directly on a pivot point for a potential interstellar war between humans and everyone else in the universe, and who is trying get herself, friends and family off the pivot point and well out of the way. And really, who among us hasn't been in that situation? As to why should you care--well, you know. You don't necessarily have to care who she is when you start the book. My job, as the writer, is to make you care -- to get you invested enough in who Zoe is and what she's going through that you keep reading because you need to know what's next for her. If you start the book not caring about Zoe, that's just fine. I want you to finish the book having cared deeply about her...I have to say that I'm really happy with Zoe, both the character and the book. The story is in the Old Man's War universe, but it's written as a stand-alone, so folks new to series pick it up and look around place through Zoe's eyes. I hope they will, and I think they'll like what they see.

And, as an added bonus, the interview I did with Scalzi about his last novel, for those who missed it the first time around...


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Scalzi's terrific, and it's great to see him go out on a limb. I wonder if he knows about bacon pancakes in Boulder?

Everything I've read from Scalzi, Old Man's War, the Ghost Brigades, The Sagan Diaries, and the Last Colony have all been pure gold. I'm willing to take a chance on Zoe's Tale. I have yet to read an author who has been so consistently great.

Absolutely! Doesn't stop him from still having been a finalist. :) That's the un-beauty of scheduled posts.


Hugo Awards finalist? He's a Hugo Awards winner!

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