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Graphic Novel Friday: The Odd Fun of Rapunzel's Revenge

Every Friday, Omnivoracious turns the spotlight on a graphic novel. You can let me know who or what you'd like to see featured by commenting on this post. And please welcome Alex Carr next week, as he and I will be trading off doing this column every other week...

"Rapunzel, Rapunzel, let down your hair! Slog through a swamp, lasso huge watersnakes, and come out West!"

Huh? Odd. That's not the way I remember the old fairytale. Nor do I remember Rapunzel finding out her real mother is slaving away in a mining camp while she lives it up in a weird castle. And my memory's foggy on her escape from a huge tree, encounters with wild pigs, cowboy adventures, magical vines, "wanted" posters with her face on it, or anything else in this exuberant, fun-for-all-ages romp re-positioning Rapunzel in a setting reminiscent of the Old West.

Bold, brash full-color art drives the engine of Rapunzel's Revenge, and, strangely enough, it works!



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Sow nothing, reap nothing.

Sow nothing, reap nothing.

LOL I might have to pick this book up, It would be cool to read about how Rapunzel gets her revenge lol.

I dont really read novels much, I'm more into self help books. But I read a novel once about some sniper who was blind. I think it was called 'the white fox' or something like that, it was an old book but very cool.

Good point. It's the Wild West bit that I wasn't sure was going to work, but did. Not the repurposing of the tale with a more active role for Rapunzel. Thanks for the comment!

Frankly, I grew up really disliking the old tale. Rapunzel was such a wuss! When I was a little girl, I'd lie in bed at night before falling asleep, rewriting fairy tales in my mind so the princesses weren't locked up in towers, or sleeping for a century, or just plain waiting to be rescued. They would be doing stuff, like slaying dragons, escaping from the towers, and going off on adventures. Forget those stupid princes, the girls in my mind could do just as well if not better! This new version of Rapunzel by Shannon Hale is right in line with the stories I imagined for myself as a six-year-old. This Rapunzel is a girl I would have loved to read about when I was a kid.

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