Judith Tarr Brings Down the Sun

Bring Down the Sun by Judith Tarr is an intriguing historical fantasy about Alexander the Great's mother. This is stylized melodrama at its best. The novel is often sensual and erotic, but not in an embarrassing way--in part because Tarr's style is somewhat stripped down and tight and also because Tarr doesn't wink at the reader during those scenes. Somehow, also, Tarr manages to effectively convey the historical setting without long pages of description. I interviewed Tarr via email to find out more about the underpinnings of the novel and her approach to historical fantasy...

Amazon.com: Can you tell Amazon readers where you are as you’re answering these questions?
Judith Tarr: I'm sitting in the living room of my house outside of Tucson, Arizona, looking out at the horse barn and the hot and cold running Lipizzans.


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