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Graphic Novel Friday: Flight Volume Five

Never heard of the Flight series, edited by Kazu Kibuishi? Shame on you! It's only become a fixture of fantasy/SF comics, featuring some of today's most interesting talents. Now Villard has published Flight 5, and it's just as good if not better than previous volumes.

Highlights include another installment of Michel Gagne's Saga of Rex, with mind-blowing full-color alien landscapes, “The Dragon” by Reagan Lodge, which features Japanese-style battle between mecha-assassins and a wily fox plays out on dark, snow-strewn streets, “Mountains” by Matthew Bernier (basically an excuse to draw a series of surreal fish, but I for one don't mind!), and perhaps my all-time favorite,  “Igloo Head and Tree Head in Disguise” by Scott Campbell. It follows the absurd antics of creatures who indeed wear trees and igloos on their heads—along with small tanks, apples, delivery trucks, and dragons. logic behind all of this, as it plays out, is as delightful as the oddly primitive yet sophisticated artwork. Volume five also avoids falling into the trap of recurring kid-chasing-monster plotlines that seemed to plague at least one prior installment.

If you had to say one negative thing about Flight 5 it's that "Beisbol 2" by Richard Pose seems positively pedestrian with its hardly-fantastical-at-all baseball story. But other than that, the book lives up to the promise of the series. Highly recommended for anyone who likes imaginative storytelling.



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The cover art is wonderful.

The cover art is wonderful.

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