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Meyerbook: "Bella Swan is no longer attending Forks HS Prom."

Inspired by the fabulous Austenbook (via the Slog), two of my excellent colleagues here, Juliet Mize and Lynette Mong, have concocted a mashup I am too generationally impaired to have done myself: Meyerbook. Here's a taste:


Click to see the full treatment. I have no idea if volumes two through four are soon to follow... --Tom


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Thank you for the information...

This was seriously funny! nice job

haha that was so amazing

Edward Cullen should have some more Emotions the "Way Pissed"

if you do a new moon book billy should be on there

I third doing the other books =)

that's hilarious. u should do the other books, too.

OMG!!!!! hahahahhaahahahahahahahah that is HILARIOUS!!

Edward Cullen is WAY PISSED!!


that was hilarious!

you should do the next books :)

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