Catherynne M. Valente's Palimpsest: An Exclusive Excerpt

Fresh off of the triumphant conclusion to her duology The Orphan's Tales, World Fantasy Award finalist Catherynne M. Valente returns with Palimpsest, which is getting blurbed by everyone from Warren Ellis to Elizabeth Bear. Award-winning author Daniel Abraham writes that "Catherynne Valente has once again proved her mastery of the fantastic. Full to the brim with beautiful images and gorgeous prose, Palimpsest belongs on the same shelf with Calvino's Invisible Cities and Winterson's The Passion. Valente is writing the smartest, gentlest, deepest work in the field, and she's good enough to do it. I remain in awe."

What's it about?

Between life and death, dreaming and waking, at the train stop beyond the end of the world is the city of Palimpsest. To get there is a miracle, a mystery, a gift, and a curse--a voyage permitted only to those who’ve always believed there’s another world than the one that meets the eye. Those fated to make the passage are marked forever by a map of that wondrous city tattooed on their flesh after a single orgasmic night. To this kingdom of ghost trains, lion-priests, living kanji, and cream-filled canals come four travelers: Oleg, a New York locksmith; the beekeeper November; Ludovico, a binder of rare books; and a young Japanese woman named Sei. They’ve each lost something important--a wife, a lover, a sister, a direction in life--and what they will find in Palimpsest is more than they could ever imagine.

Amazon's pleased to present an exclusive, what Valente calls "a deleted snippet related to the large-scale war waged between factions in Palimpsest." Also check out the story that served as the inspiration for the novel.

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Comments (2)

Thanks. Fixed. That's the problem with jetlag. However, Abraham and Catherynne herself also misspelled it--those were cut-and-paste quotes--so it must be a word the mind doesn't like to spell.


Posted by: Jeff VanderMeer | Wednesday February 25, 2009 at 10:38 AM

You might want to double-check your post.. you've misspelled the book title several times over, and it's fed over to Amazon Daily, as well.

Posted by: Callie | Tuesday February 24, 2009 at 10:04 PM

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