ECCC 2009: Interview with Scott Allie

As Senior Managing Editor at Dark Horse Comics, Scott Allie’s name is attached to titles like Hellboy, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, and The Umbrella Academy, and—in the vein of a true renaissance man—his own comics series.  At Emerald City ComiCon, Scott shared details about the sequel to last year’s smash The Umbrella Academy, as well as a Seattle-centric graphic novel in 2010, and his upcoming projects in 2009.  Dark Horse’s publishing spectrum covers it all: high profile Horror like Hellboy, properties like Buffy and Star Wars, classic reprint series like Creepy and Eerie, and totally bizarre projects like The Perry Bible Fellowship. What else is Dark Horse going to surprise fans with in the coming year?

Scott Allie: The guiding principle is that we publish what we like, and that is why we hit so many genres. The book that we’re announcing this weekend is a graphic novel about the Green River Killer—written by the son of the detective who caught him. When the writer, Jeff Jensen, first pitched the story to me and told me about The Green River Killer—wow, it sounded like such a spectacular story. He had such an inside track on it, with his dad being the lead detective, the guy who eventually caught Gary Ridgway, but what grew on me as I saw the short pitch, then the longer pitch—and as we started getting more specific—was the saga of his father.

His father was involved in this investigation for about 20 years, and over the course of these years, the investigation affected his life so much. It’s a real story about growth; about his dad, who is still a cop. Tom Jensen has never told his story. It’s such an epic True Crime story, but it’s not a True Crime story in the traditional sense. It’s the growth of this guy reflected in some pretty dark circumstances. A true story like that sounds a little atypical for Dark Horse. Will Green River Killer be available in singles or will it be an original graphic novel?


Scott Allie: It’s going to be an original, 200-page graphic novel. It’s coming out in 2010. There were so many amazing things that happened to Tom over the course of the story that we needed a really big format, and it didn’t make sense to serialize it.  One of the chances that Dark Horse took last year was The Umbrella Academy,’s #1 pick for Graphic Novels in 2008. I know there is a sequel to be collected later this year—can you tell fans what they can expect in Volume 2: Dallas?

Scott Allie: Well, Volume 2 is crazy—it’s really, really nuts. In the first series, we learned about Number Five, the boy who traveled through time to the end of the world and back. He didn’t really give a lot of details about how he got there, but he did drop a casual hint right before Pogo died.

Number Five said, “Well, I suppose I should start with the Kennedy assassination.” That little line was dropped, and a few people asked about it—but not a lot—and that’s basically the crux of Volume 2, called Dallas. [Number Five] was set up by a group of agents to assassinate Kennedy, and he refused to do it. He backed out, and now they are forcing him to do it. So now The Umbrella Academy is being lined up to kill Kennedy. As of this interview, the outcome has not yet been revealed, but it’s pretty crazy what we’re doing in that book. The Umbrella Academy is a really fun book to work on because the story evolves a lot over the course of writing it.

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