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Los Angeles Times Book Awards: Authors in nine nominated categories were awarded the LA Times Book Prize on Friday evening "with as much enthusiasm and humor as any of the more grandly produced affairs of recent years." (I like the way that sounds: fond and familiar, like a lot of happy readers in one big room.) The winners are:

One of these things is not like the other: Which of the following books did *not* make Norman Mailer's list of Ten Favorite American Novels? The Big Sleep, Look Homeward, Angel or The Sun Also Rises? (Find the answer over at Paper Cuts.)

Trendspotting: Book-Inspired Playlists:
The Millions has a great post today about how some books beg for a playlist. His examples are clear ones--Our Band Could Be Your Life, The Fortress of Solitude, Please Kill Me (and I'll definitely be taking these for a spin later today on Pandora)--but lately we've seen more authors musing about the music that moves them. I like the idea of thinking about stories and characters in this musical dimension, but, boy, where to begin. Should you have a stroke of book-music-mashup brilliance you've been dying to share, let us know. --Anne


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