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Tested All Over the World: The Star Wars Punch Out and Play Book


Every once in awhile something really fun pops up in the post office box--or, in this case, punches out in the post office box. Michael and Karan Feder's Star Wars: Punch Out and Play! is one such book, and as such we thought it deserved a little nontrad coverage. You can punch out (or, er, carefully separate out) 12 iconic Star Wars characters and, as the ad copy says, create a dozen free-standing paper dolls to "decorate your home, office, or any place in need of some intergalactic inspiration and transport yourself to a galaxy far, far away."

Well, here at Omnivoracious, we've decided to stress-test this concept--not all over the galaxy, but at least all over the, or at least three continents and four countries. We've sent copies of Star Wars: Punch Out and Play! to five bloggers renowned for their imagination and experience staging cardboard scenes. (They're also all excellent readers, whose book recommendations really mean something.) Starting in mid-May, I'll report back with photos of their efforts and we'll find out just how fun this book is to play around, punch out.

Who are the Punch Out Five?

Australia: Writer Tessa Kum was last seen on Omnivoracious contributing suggestions for Aussie fiction reading. Her popular blog Silence Without has been cited on Australian national radio as a prime source for Steampunk (although she's since discontinued this practice) and often features battles between iconic science fiction creatures. She's currently shopping around her delightful pop culture-influenced 7wishes story suite (which should make some publisher very happy).

Canada: Corey Redekop is the author of the wonderful novel Shelf Monkey, a must for all bibliophiles. His Shelf Monkey blog features a selection of pop culture entries and several book reviews. Bilingual in silliness and seriousness both, Corey should be up to the task of setting up cardboard figures in interesting poses. He's currently working on his second novel.

Finland: The widely respected but never emulated Jukka Halme has been part of Finnish genre fandom for quite some time, in addition to editing a New Weird anthology in that country. On his blog, he eats muffins in an agitated manner. He and his colleague Tero Ykspetäjä, who runs the fandom newsblog Partial Recall, will both be receiving the Star Wars book, using the rationale that there is no greater force for potential Star Wars enthusiasm in Europe than Finland, with its iconic Finncon, Animecon, and other events that demonstrate adevotion to SF pop culture. (I believe their punch-out will involve an epic battle between Finnish and Swedish Star Wars fans, but don't hold me to that...)

United States: Representing the U.S.--no pressure--is Cherie Priest, who promises that cats will be involved with her Star Wars display. Cherie is a rising star of a novelist, with Fathom--equal parts horror, contemporary fantasy and apocalyptic thriller--just released this past December. Her blog is always lively, and frequently hilarious.


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A punch out book for star wars? Seriously? How do the stormtroopers look in it?

Do not get your girls wear a plain white bridesmaid dress on stage in order to avoid distracting.

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