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Star Wars: Punch Out and Play Continues in Seattle and Finland


As noted previously, Star Wars: Punch Out and Play! is becoming an international event here at Omnivoracious, with five bloggers around the world sent copies and asked to report back on their adventures. The book allows you to punch out (or, er, carefully separate out) 12 iconic Star Wars characters and, as the ad copy says, create a dozen free-standing paper dolls to "decorate your home, office, or any place in need of some intergalactic inspiration and transport yourself to a galaxy far, far away."

First, there was author Corey Redekop. Now, rising star Cherie Priest and stalwart of Finnish fandom Tero Ykspetäjä have weighed in with their rather remarkable mise-en-scenes using the figures. Cherie used her cat as a prop, while Tero used an entire convention and sailing vessel. You can find Priest's post here and Tero's post here, and I've excerpted a few favorites below the cut. (There's more to come, though, with both Tero's colleague Jukka Halme, who helped with Tero's batch, and Tessa Kum at Silence Without both threatening fire and explosions for the final post in the series...)

"Welcome to the Imperial Spa. Where we will take care of you. Permanently."

"Stand down, duckie. The master already has an apprentice."

Timeless, even without a caption...


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