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Of The City & The City: Mieville Limited Edition, Posts Summary, Magic Prague

City in city City and the city
(The City & The City and The City & The City)

Many thanks from Omnivoracious to China Mieville for guestblogging this week. His The City & The City is an Amazon best book selection for June. The novel will also be available in a beautiful limited edition from Subterranean Press. This special signed edition will feature three different inks and will probably not be available for long...

For those who may have missed some of the posts and discussion this week in conjunction with Mieville's guestblogging stint, here's a quick-and-easy summary. Don't miss the interesting comments thread for Mieville's post on Tolkien.

China Mieville's Posts

Three and Back Again: Five Reasons Tolkien Rocks

Neither a Contract Nor a Promise: Five Movements to Watch Out For

Leave an Idea, Take an Idea: Five Things Someone Else Should Totally Do

Interviews with Mieville

Omni Podcast Interview, discussing The City & The City

Weird Tales Interview, discussing "the weird" (full interview here)

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Still haven't had enough of the fantastical? Looking for something unusual? About cities? Give Magic Prague a try. In this fascinating book author Angelo Maria Ripellino manages to blend the historical Prague and the fictional Prague in a way that provides a unique view of one of the world's most whimsical and complex cities. Ripellino's account begins, "To this day, every evening at five, Franz Kafka returns home to Celetna Street (Zeltnergasse) wearing a bowler hat and black suit." Throughout, the author interweaves characters and situations from novels with the actual events that have defined the city's rich life. As Ripellino writes near the end of his account: "The fascination of Prague, the life of Prague has no end."

Magic prague


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