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Just back from the Javits: BookExpo America, the vast annual industry convention in New York, just closed up shop on Sunday and, despite a general doomful feeling about the whole exercise and the absence this year of some top-shelf publishers, it was only slightly less vast and busy than previous years. We'll be featuring items from the show here over the next few weeks, but in the meantime, you can read show wrap-ups (which are often guides to some of the big coming books of the summer and fall) from the LA Times, the NY Times (twice), Sara Nelson at the Daily Beast, Publishers Weekly, and Library Journal.

Make it a Hal Incandenza summer: Always wanted to read the late DFW's Infinite Jest? Need some peer support/pressure to do so? Join the folks at the Morning News-connected Infinite Summer for a group read beginning on the solstice and ending on the equinox. [Via The Guardian]

Crime fiction doesn't pay off (but that's fine): Also via that same Guardian post, China Mieville, whose new venture into the hard-boiled, The City & The City, is one of my favorite books of the year so far, wrote a short piece on the inevitable disappointments of the detective novel for John Scalzi's Whatever blog. (Stay tuned here for more from and with Mieville, whom I got a chance to talk to last week.)

Unknown Man No. 89: With UK galleys sent out, Tibor Fischer gives the first glimpse inside Thomas Pynchon's own upcoming crime fiction foray, Inherent Vice: "The most striking thing about is that if you had handed me the first 30 pages, I would have staked my life I was reading the opening of the new Elmore Leonard."



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I definitely need to get my hands on a copy of The City and The City to review. I went to B&N yesterday and they only had one copy in stock at a ridiculously high price. Read the first ten pages of it, though, and it was awesome. Way different than the stuff in his Bas-Lag universe, but you can still tell it's Mieville.

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