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Books of the States: George Pelecanos on Edward P. Jones

006079528X.01._MZZZZZZZ_ Washington, D.C., whose non-political neighborhoods were so long neglected by novelists, is now blessed by two wonderful writers of intense local interests and loyalties, George Pelecanos and Edward P. Jones. Pelecanos has written 16 crime novels that span the last few decades of the city's life, while Jones, while he's best known for his single novel, The Known World, set in antebellum Virginia, is beloved by residents of the District for his two brilliant short story collections, Lost in the City and All Aunt Hagar's Children. When I suggested choosing a state book to Pelecanos, his first thought was to choose something from Maryland, where he lives now, just across the District line, since D.C. has been as poorly represented by fiction as it has in Congress. But then we got to talking about Ed Jones, and he eagerly came back home, to talk about Jones's collection Lost in the City:

Video: George Pelecanos on Lost in the City

Stay tuned next week: I'll also be posting my interview with Pelecanos about his latest novel, The Way Home. --Tom


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