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Graphic Novel Friday: What Are Your Favorites So Far This Year? (Oh, yes--and a Tumor...)

(Who is the Nobody? Alex Carr knows--recently, he featured Jeff Lemire's latest.)

With summer coming to a close, we here at Graphic Novel Friday thought we'd ask you, the readers of Omnivoracious, what comics and graphic novels you've enjoyed this year. What knocked your socks off? What blew the top of your head away? What made you suck in your breath or go "Wow!" right in the middle of reading?

What have we featured on Omnivoracious? You'll find most of it under the graphic novels tag. So far, everything from Mouse Guard 1152 to Alan Moore's Superman, Flight 6 to Asterios Polyp, and a lot more as well. We're serious about covering as much comics and graphic novel material as possible. And while I just dabble in it, Alex Carr lives and breathes it all 24-7.

So let us know what you've been reading--if there's something we haven't covered, we'll try to get right on it.

GNF Bonus Intel: Got a Kindle? Like Archaia Press? Well, their new comic The Tumor is debuting on Kindle, with the first installment free and subsequent installments reasonably priced.



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Alan Moore is my favorite author of all time, and superman is my favorite artist of all time - in any medium. That's quite an accomplishment. Moreover, this is a story that Moore felt so impassioned about that when he first heard the concept, he (or so I'm told) lept up and demanded that he be the one to write it. Again quite impressive. And while this is not his greatest work (go read Watchmen or Promethea for that) it definately is Moore quality writing. However, if you are not a fan of that age of comics, you will not fully appreciate this story no matter how fantastic the writing is. An example: as I described this book to a friend of mine he grew very excited about reading it - until I got to the part about Krypto the Superdog (who does make an apperance). At the mention of Krypto, my friend adamantly refused to read this book, and honestly I can't blame him. Krypto is from a different age of comics which, if you can't appreciate, you can't appreciate. That being said, this book works as an incredible eulogy for an age of comics now forever gone. If you miss that age, this book is for you. If you're glad it is gone and wish it had never existed - you will not like this book. Personally, I loved it.

Asterios Polyp is the wittiest and most beautiful of the year.

Asterios Polyp, Scott Pilgrim vs. the Universe, and I Kill Giants.

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