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What Is Ellroy Trying to Tell Me?


In the spirit of Tom's "What's General Petraeus Reading" mystery from earlier today, I submit my own plea for help.

Mark it now: James Ellroy is one of my favorite writers. I chose his latest American Underworld novel, Blood's a Rover as my Best of the Month selection for September, exclaiming, "Ellroy's hipster prose--inimitable for its high style and spectacular energy--snaps and surges through more than 600 pages like black electricity." Overwrought? Maybe. True? Certainly.

So I was naturally thrilled this afternoon when I opened the box containing a signed copy, and even happier to note that it's personally inscribed with a special message meant only for me. But here's the problem: I can't translate. Here's what I think it might say:

To Jon Foro--
Let this book bite tuna.

James Ellroy

Could this be it? Is there an encoded message, the key to a bloody conspiracy with roots in Castro's revolution, or a lost page of the Warren Commission Report? Or is it just something that Ellroy says? (It could be.)

Help me. Here's a larger image. Don't leave me tied, dyed and swept to the side.

Thank you,



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Thanks for this wonderful addition. Really enjoyed your blog. Appreciate people taking the time to write quality work..

Definitely "Let this booke bite your boogaloo"

This either solves or deepens the mystery:

That is some fine detective work!

Check this out:

I suspect it says "Let this book bite _your_ boogaloo!"

looks like..

"Let this
Bite (maybe Brighten?)
Books too!"

some esoteric reference perhaps.
or maybe it's a "b" instead of a "k" dunno!
good luck!

Or! It could be "Let this book bite your [whatever booghoo is]".

It looks like "Tuna" might actually be "you" with a flourish after it. So maybe it says "Let this book bite you"? That makes a little more sense. As for "BOOGHOO!", I am stumped.

I have not read all of Ellroy's books, and haven't even read the first two in this trilogy, but I picked this up at the airport on Tuesday, and I haven't stopped reading until now. It's brazen, edgy, compelling, passionate and powerful fictio--and history with a twist. If you thought LA CONFIDENTIAL was enjoyable, wait until you read BLOOD'S A ROVER. Ellroy is one of the great writers of our time, and this book is evidence of that.

I think the last line is numbers. 130067601? It seems awfully high for the number of signed books, doesn't look like a date or his phone number, and isn't giving me much on google. 13006760 however, gives you a real estate listing in Arkansas and the myspace profile of someone named Kelsey. So there's your conspiracy?

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