What Is Ellroy Trying to Tell Me?


In the spirit of Tom's "What's General Petraeus Reading" mystery from earlier today, I submit my own plea for help.

Mark it now: James Ellroy is one of my favorite writers. I chose his latest American Underworld novel, Blood's a Rover as my Best of the Month selection for September, exclaiming, "Ellroy's hipster prose--inimitable for its high style and spectacular energy--snaps and surges through more than 600 pages like black electricity." Overwrought? Maybe. True? Certainly.

So I was naturally thrilled this afternoon when I opened the box containing a signed copy, and even happier to note that it's personally inscribed with a special message meant only for me. But here's the problem: I can't translate. Here's what I think it might say:

To Jon Foro--
Let this book bite tuna.

James Ellroy

Could this be it? Is there an encoded message, the key to a bloody conspiracy with roots in Castro's revolution, or a lost page of the Warren Commission Report? Or is it just something that Ellroy says? (It could be.)

Help me. Here's a larger image. Don't leave me tied, dyed and swept to the side.

Thank you,


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