What Book Should Omnivoracious Pair with Stone Brewing's Latest Vertical Epic Ale?


In the past, Omnivoracious has had fun with some posts on beer-book pairings, first with a two-part look at what beers the authors would pair with their own books and then a tasting that sampled one beer along with several books. Now, Stone Brewing has sent their Stone 09.09.09 Vertical Epic Ale, a Belgian Porter with spices, and we'd like to know what book you think would go best with this beer. We'd prefer suggestions of recently published books, but older books are fine, too. Stone Brewing's pretty big on the reading--they even have their own reading series for authors at their brewery/restaurant.

To give you enough context to make your pitch for the book or books we should feature with this beer, here's what head brewer Mitch Steele had to say about the 09.09.09 Verticle Epic Ale: "During the brewing process we added dark candi sugar, vanilla bean, and tangerine peel to complement the flavors of the porter. The vanilla bean addition is fascinating, as it actually enhances the chocolate character from the roasted malts, and the candi sugar adds a nice hint of molasses flavor to the finish. The tangerine actually turned out to be quite subtle on the finish, and combines nicely with the chocolate malt character. We aged this beer on French oak chips, which contributes a smooth and subtle woody undertone and even more vanilla flavors."

If you ever thought that creating a unique beer was simple...think again. (You can find further notes and ingredient information here.) Which is why we want to put a lot of thought into this particular book-beer pairing. And, er, it's a great opportunity for you to plug your favorite book, recent or otherwise.


For extra credit, tell us what book you'd pair with the other beer they sent: BrewDog/Cambridge/Stone Juxtaposition Black Pilsner, with more info here (scroll down).

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