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YA Wednesday: Done with Vampires?

Tonight at the National Book Awards ceremony, GalleyCat "prowled the red carpet" asking the nominees: What do you think of the Twilight books?

Quick links...
Claudettecolvin Phillip Hoose wins the National Book Award in the young readers category for Claudette Colvin: Twice Toward Justice.

Shona, a blogger, starts the Rory Gilmore Books Project, in which she sets out to read 260 books mentioned, shown, or joked about on the Gilmore Girls. (via Book-a-rama.)

Variety calls New Moon, the movie, "as good as Twilight and arguably a shade better."

Img-mg---twilight-tattoos---erica-collins_162211589513.jpg_tn_gallery The Daily Beast compiles a photo gallery of the Best Twilight Tattoos. (via GalleyCat.)

Tired of vampires yet? You're not the only one. Stephenie Meyer tells "I'm a little burned out on vampires right now."

Happy reading!--Heidi


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It's fun to see the more curmudgeonly authors try not to say anything bad about Twilight. I think people reading is great - Twilight is not cannibalizing other sales, it's expanding the pie. For the rest of us, there will always be more great books out there than time to read them.

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