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Creating a Book Blurb That Matters: Announcing the Winner

Last week, we mentioned that the folks at AmazonEncore are taking a different approach to creating book blurbs by getting readers involved in the process. Eric Kraft’s Herb 'n' Lorna acquired a small, passionate following after its initial publication in 1988 and, with this in mind, AmazonEncore wanted to feature a fan's quote on the new edition, coming out in May. 

Readers submitted their book blurbs, we asked customers to vote for their favorite, and now we're pleased to announce the winner. Congratulations to Elizabeth West, whose book blurb will be featured on the back cover of Herb 'n' Lorna! Here's what Elizabeth had to say about the book:

"When Peter Leroy discovers that his late grandparents had been leaders of the animated erotic jewelry industry, he is forced to change his views about them. Clearly, this man and woman were not merely his comfy Gumma and Guppa; they were also lively, passionate people with a secret history. When Peter sets off to learn this history, he meets Herb 'n' Lorna. He traces their romance; the events that led them down such a wildly improbable path; and their recipe for a joyful life. Their whimsical world makes marvelous reading and kept me smiling for days.”

Congratulations, Elizabeth, and thanks to all the readers who entered and voted!


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