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Graphic Novel Friday: Days Missing

Archaia has long been a favorite graphic novel publisher. Now they've come out with Days Missing, based on an idea by Star Trek creator Gene Roddenberry and fleshed out by the likes of Ian Edginton. The idea, that a mysterious entity has been interfering with history at various points, usually to save humankind's collective ass, is presented in a series of short pieces, each in a different style and different era. Highlights include the opening piece about a plague in the present-day, written by Phil Hester and drawn by Frazer Irving, David Hine and Chris Burnham's incorporation of the Frankenstein mythos into Roddenberry's idea, and chapter five, by Hester and Irving again, which features a "growing lump." It's really hard to go wrong with a growing lump in a fantasy/SF/horror comic, in my humble opinion. The art throughout ranges from the bold to the merely competent, but the combination of genres, and the central mystery, are very compelling. Don't be put off--or turned on--by a cover that seems to evoke the Star Trek movie The Wrath of Khan. This is an entirely different beast.

DaysMissingcover Daysinterior 


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