End-o'-the-Week Kid-Lit Roundup

Quick links from around the kid-lit blogosphere:

Best kid-lit April Fool. There were some fun April Fool's Day jokes floating around the kid-lit blogosphere this last week (including a sadly since-removed appearance by The Boy in the Striped Pajamas), but my favorite was this image--as part of a fake giveaway--from Collecting Children's Books:

Number-the-stars Number the Stars banned in private Turkish school. Lois Lowry’s celebrated, Newbery-winning Number the Stars is at the center of a mystifying censorship incident. (Lowry: “My reaction to the banning is a great sadness for a beautiful country, one I have visited myself. I remember standing once among the ruins of the library at Ephesus--one of the largest libraries of the ancient world--in awe of the history surrounding me. What a tragedy, that in modern Turkey, literature and literary freedom cannot be honored as it once was.”

BOB reaches its climactic finale. A lot happened this week in the Battle of the Kids’ Books, but we should have a winner on Monday, with The Lost Conspiracy vs The Frog Scientist vs Marching for Freedom.

261396-Apr1GriffCarver Starred review: Griff Carver, Hallway Patrol. A "deliberately clichéd police procedural" with "comically over-the-top cop lingo" (according to a new starred review from PW), Griff Carver, Hallway Patrol looks hard to resist.

National Poetry Month, Kidlitosphere-style. The fine folks at Kidlitosphere Central are rounding up a month's worth of kid-lit poetry goodness for April.

Rectangular Twilight units continue to sell. That's just in from 100 Scope Notes, who links to the latest 2009 children's book sales figures and opines with his own back-of-the-blog-napkin observations (e.g., "Dang, Golden Books are still sellin’ by the truckload" and "If you slap Twilight on anything rectangular it will sell").

"The Creepiest Children's Books Ever." If you are easily offended, do *not* click through to this strange collection from the Huffington Post. Frankly, it's all downhill from Cooking with Pooh. You have been warned.

"Rick Riordan's Big Year." Publishers Weekly has the whole story on this former middle-school teacher. ("With two new trilogies launching this year, Percy Jackson author Rick Riordan stands likely to boost his already (ahem) Olympian output--and sales.")

"The future of children's book publishing." As headlines go, that's pretty heady. Stephen Lowman at the Washington Post begins by asking what Jeff Kinney is "doing still publishing books on paper"--given that Diary of a Wimpy Kid (which was originally published online) regularly gets 70,000 hits a day.

Book trailer: Potty Animals. Cute video of the week goes to a trailer for the recently released Potty Animals: What to Know When You've Gotta Go! (found via Fuse #8):


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