Graphic Novel Friday: Quirkiness You Might've Missed--Candy Heroes, Feisty Corgis, Shadowy...Shadows

This lazy Friday I thought it might be fun to list a few comics I find deeply odd beneath the trappings of the supposedly normal...

(Yeah, that's normal. Stay away from fondue pots.)

Death by Chocolate, David Yurkovich. The story of an unlikely superhero who, due to a freak accident, is made of chocolate. Yep, you heard me right: chocolate. Agent Swete is a member of the FBI’s Food Crimes Division, and uniquely qualified to investigate bizarre, food-related mysteries. In this edition, readers get new material that tells the tale of how Agent Swete became the chocolate avenger. There is also an essay by the creator, and Yurkovich has re-mastered every page of this unique series.

Quirk factor: off the charts, especially since this insanity is masked by the tropes of the superhero genre.

(Looks cute? Just wait until that dog unloads a can of fire-breathing whoop-a** on your sad self.)

Korgi: Book 1
, Christian Slade. This one reads like Maurice Sendak if Sendak liked ninja korgis. It features a girl and her korgi (or "corgi" if you prefer that spelling) having a series of fantastical adventures and overcoming trolls and other beasties. The korgis in this book are also fantastical, with their own community in the trees. It's meant to be cute, and it is...but it's also deeply weird if you really stop to think about it.

Quirk factor: high, in a frog-boiling-in-pot-with-temperature-slowly-ramped-up way.

 (Don't answer the door. Don't ever answer the door.)

Three Shadows, Cyril Pedrosa. Told using a sparse but evocative drawing style, Three Shadows describes the epic journey of a father and son to escape death in the form of shadowy figures that appear on a hill near their house. Through a series of encounters, father and son, along with the reader, begin to understand the nature of the shadows, and the threat they pose. Think Kafka and think...inexplicable. It's one of those comics where you kind of get it and kind of don't. It's hypnotic...and totally bizarre.

Quirk factor: Medium-high.

These aren't necessarily the oddest comics out there--just ones that stuck in my mind because they're presented as absolutely normal and non-weird but...aren't.

What're your favorite quirky/strange comics?

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