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Omni Crush: "Lyle Walks the Dogs"

Fans of the beloved Lyle the Crocodile children's books have endured an unbearably long stretch since the eighth book in the series, Lyle at Christmas, was published back in 1998. Author and illustrator Bernard Waber was busy with other books, including Courage and Evie & Margie.  Thankfully, he and daughter Paulis Waber have teamed up to reprise the adventures of everybody's favorite urban reptile. Oh, who doesn't love Lyle?  He's sweet and funny, hard-working, and a big, bright, Zen presence making his way down the cacophonous streets of Manhattan. When he's not earning his keep, he's chilling out on the chintz furniture in the family's quaint brownstone on East 88th Street. The cheery ink and watercolor illustrations of this upright crocodile in his unusual surroundings have charmed kids for decades. 

The Waber's new book, Lyle Walks the Dogs, fits seamlessly into the collection. In this installment, Lyle gets a job as--what else!--a dog walker, and quickly loses control of his pack, which seems to grow larger with each passing day.  With some quick thinking and patience, Lyle gets a handle on the situation and demonstrates the utility of that very important skill--counting.  For early readers in need of a fun and interactive counting book, this is a good choice.  For those completely unfamiliar with the world of Lyle the Crocodile, why not start at the beginning with The House on 88th Street?  This classic from 1965 feels as fresh as ever.



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Thanks for the heads up on the new book "You Have A College Degree, Now What?" Heading to pick it up at Amazon right now.

Not really big on this type of thing, but thought this book deserved a mention. Just read it. “You Have A College Degree, Now What?”

Wannabe short story writers and novelists should check this out, it's got a brilliant prize:

I have 2 nephews who are the perfect age to enjoy Lyle Walks the Dog!

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