That Mesmerizing Laura Bush Cover

In the Daily News yesterday I mentioned, in an offhand way, my fascination with the cover for Laura Bush's upcoming memoir, Spoken from the Heart. It touched a nerve with a few readers and emailers (which the Daily News posts don't usually), so let's just post it right here.


What do you think? I can't decide if it's gorgeous or horrible, but I lean toward gorgeous, in a weirdly inhuman way. It certainly doesn't look like your usual celebrity cover, with the muted blue and brown tones and the tasteful but not quite traditional font of her name. And that photo! Her coiffed hair, and that crazy collar, just enough out of focus that it looks like it's made of some space-age synthetic. The former First Lady has always been a bit of a mysterious figure, beloved by many and appealing to some who don't like her husband, to the point that a bestselling novel was written from inside her imagined mind, and this only increases the mystique.

I haven't seen a copy in person yet, and I have no idea what the book itself will be like. I expect Curtis Sittenfeld will have something to say about it.  --Tom

P.S. Meanwhile, folks are having fun with her husband's new cover.

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