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Literary pub crawl: Author Richard Francis demonstrates that some of the best places in England to throw one down the hatch can be found between the pages of a book. While researching his latest novel, The Old Spring (just released in the UK)--which follows the events of a single day in a contemporary pub--Francis read up on the best literary pubs memorialized in English lit.  See his Top 10 list in today's Guardian.

Re-thinking the Puritans: In today's The New Republic, David Wallace-Wells British author and former banker Nick Bunker's new economically-infused history of the Mayflower pilgrims, Making Haste from BabylonRead our Q&A with the author. 

Gwyneth's go-to cookbooks: Actress and taste-maker Gwyneth Paltrow talks summer cooking and cookbooks in her lifestyle blog Goop. Revealing that she's a cookbook junkie who "used to take them to bed and read them like you would a novel," Paltrow whips up a fine list of seasonal cookbooks with heavy emphasis on Amy Pennington's tasty and thrifty Urban Pantry.  Check out Pennington's tips and recipes, especially for Simple Sour Cherries and Summer Honey Drinks which are like, totally mouthwatering. 

Moving and shaking:  Don Winslow's new crime thriller, Savages moves way up on today's Movers and Shakers list after receiving high marks from New York Times reviewer Janet Maslin who calls it "the one that will jolt Mr. Winslow into a different league."   Yowzah.


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