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The Big News: In case you missed it, this week Amazon announced two new Kindles--a 3G + Wi-Fi Kindle for $189, and Kindle Wi-Fi for just $139. Many of the most voracious readers around our offices are pre-ordering and eagerly awaiting August 27, and chances are they won't be alone. And, in case you missed it, Jeff Bezos shared some interesting Kindle insights with Charlie Rose on Wednesday, shortly after the big announcement.

More Vampires? No?: Anne Rice, who surprised her fans several years ago by giving up her bestselling vampire fiction after reconnecting with her Catholic faith, "quit Christianity" via Facebook: "Today I quit being a Christian. I'm out. I remain committed to Christ as always but not to being 'Christian' or to being part of Christianity." Does this mean more of the Vampire Lestat? No, but she'd like to see him back on the big screen. [via The Huffington Post]

Maybe Vikings, Then?: Thanks to a few recent mentions of Frans Bengtssson's The Long Ships (which is climbing our Movers & Shakers list this morning), The Boston Globe wonders if vikings might be the new vampires.

A Week of (Literary) Meals: Jennifer Egan, author of one of our Best Books of the Year... So Far in Fiction, shares her week-long food diary: lots of butter-and-honey sandwiches, Greek yogurt, leftovers from the kids, and, because "I really thrive on a sense of contrast," bone marrow.


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