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"Or a Fresca?": Everyone says that recording their audiobooks is a horrible marathon of self-exposure, so you'd expect no less of Woody Allen, especially when faced with the prospect of finally recording the decades-old gags from his classic collections Getting Even, Without Feathers, and others. The NYT finds this to have been so: "I hated every second of it, regretted that I had agreed to it." The collection is available for download at Audible, and clips can be heard at the new The main effect of the article for me? A strong desire to take the day off and watch Sleeper five times in a row.

B is for Brooklyn: Novelist Carolyn Parkhurst (The Nobodies Album) made excellent use of Twitter this week, posting her updated alphabet inspired by Edward Gorey's apparently quite imitable but still delicious Gashlycrumb Tinies. Tough act to follow, but Parkhurst ("Q is for Questa, who tried pit-bull baiting. R is for Reardon, who texted while skating") pulls it off.

A message from the emperor: In an update to Monday's news, the Guardian has learned that an Israeli judge has decreed that the papers of Franz Kafka and Max Brod long held in secrecy by Brod's heirs must be released to the public. Hooray!

Moving and shaking: An AP article on gross-out books for boys propels the self-published Sweet Farts (copyeditor: is that one word or two?) onto this morning's Movers & Shakers. Also moving, the sequel, Sweet Farts: Rippin' It Old School, just released from our own AmazonEncore imprint.



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