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New Media Tuesday

Who says you can't teach an old media dog new tricks? Over at the Washington Post, fiction critic Ron Charles tries his hand at a video adaptation of his review of Mona Simpson's My Hollywood (which I linked to, the old-fashioned way, in Old Media Monday last night):

What do you think? I have to say he did us scribes proud, with his confident line readings and his David Pogue-style willingness to go beyond the mere talkingheaddom of, say, A.O. Scott. Curious if he can keep mixing it up (how many rooms does his house have?) for the promised weekly segments. But would you rather read the review or watch it? --Tom

P.S. Side note: those bookshelves behind him, filled with sparkling late-model hardcover editions? The surest sign there is of someone in the business and on all the right mailing lists.


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I'd rather see it written. I wouldn't want to be on a video camera too much! Unless I was accepting an Oscar or starring in Casblanca. There is a reason why so few are good at acting!

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