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Mr. Popper's March of the Penguins: Mr. Popper's Penguins, Richard and Florence Atwater's delightfully funny chapter book (originally published in 1938), is set to be turned into a movie starring Jim Carrey. [The Hollywood Reporter]

A Forest of Books: In Quebec, book lovers and nature lovers alike can enjoy The Jardin de la Connaissance, "a temporary garden in a forested area involving approximately 40,000 books, multi-coloured wooden plates and several varieties of mushrooms." [via GalleyCat]

"Urban Hipster Lit": Already beloved over at The Stranger, Salon profiles 26-year-old Tao Lin (Shoplifting from American Apparel):

"Through all of this, Lin's writing, despite its shortcomings, has perfectly captured the aimless malaise of the Internet generation. It's no wonder, then, that he has successfully used the Web to manage his career and push his name onto computer screens everywhere. His guerrilla-style online marketing has made him a Web phenomenon. But can it break him into the publishing mainstream?"

Moving and Shaking: Worth Dying For, the followup to 61 Hours, earns a spot on our Movers & Shakers list this morning as Lee Child fans anticipate its October release.



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Moving and Shaking: Worth Dying For, the followup to 61 Hours
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