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An Undefined Future for the O.E.D.: Oxford University Press clarified today that a decision on whether the Oxford English Dictionary's third edition will be made available in physical form or go completely digital would be premature: "It is likely to be more than a decade before the full edition is published, and a decision on format will be taken at that point."

Zimmy's Mark on History (and Historians): Purists wary of a historian's take on Dylan might reconsider given Sean Wilentz's visceral connection to his subject. In a review of Bob Dylan in America, New York Magazine quotes Wilentz as crediting Dylan with his own historical epiphany:

“He discovered something in me and I heard it,” he says, “which is that you can see the past in the present. To me, the collapsing of it is the beginnings of historical consciousness. I can feel it, taste it, and smell it, and so can he.”

Moving and Shaking: Temple Grandin's Emmy win last night for Best Made-for-Television Movie sent Grandin's The Way I See It and Thinking in Pictures up's bestsellers list.



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Oxford all through these years has been the most referred dictionary by readers around the world. Whether it comes in digital or some other format I'm certainly getting a copy. By the way, the name of this site 'omnivoracious' is very unique.

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