Brandon Sanderson's The Way of Kings: The Photo Shoot

Way IMG_9401 
(The cover, and my first attempt to recontextualize it in a heroic setting, using our living room dragon)
Unless you've been on the proverbial desert island the past couple of weeks, you know what hardcore heroic fantasy aficionadoes have known for awhile: that the heir apparent to Robert Jordan, Brandon Sanderson, has a new book out, the first in the Stormlight Archive, The Way of Kings.

I don't think there's much I can add about the book itself given the media blitz for this one, except to note that it's a fan-satisfying 1,001 pages long and that Publishers Weekly describes it thusly: "In a storm-swept world where history has dwindled into myth, self-serving aristocrats squabble over mystical weapons that render their bearers immune to mundane attacks. The ambitious scholar Shallan learns unexpected truths about the present, the virtuous aristocrat Dalinar reclaims the lost past, and the bitter and broken slave Kaladin gains unwanted power."

However, I do have a copy, courtesy of its publisher, Tor, and I can at least show off some of the qualities of the novel through photographs. Because the fact is, even though it sports a kind of generic fantasy cover, the interior is just beautiful.

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