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And Flavor Flav = ?: I'm not immune to a stunt literary list, and with a HuffPost headline like "Jay-Z Is Jay McInerney?: 20th Century Literary Counterparts to Top 10 Rappers," I bit. Well, it's a bit of a bait-and-switch on HuffPo's part: in the actual FlavorWire list, Jay Z turns out to be matched with the better choice of Tom Wolfe (and Jay Mac with Ja Rule: "And now, when you mention either of their names, everyone groans"), but it makes for pretty good snacking.

Mitchell's out again: After a democratically adjudicated kerfuffle involving social-media ballot-stuffing, the Guardian's Not the Booker Prize discussion group/book prize has settled on an official shortlist of these non-nominees:

If you want to join in the discussion (which starts with The Cuckoo Boy), you'll have to go to only The Canal (with its lovely cover!) is available in the US at this point.

Still champeen?: In New York, Sam Anderson, a contender for the title of the country's #1 critic (in my book at least), examines the "benevolently sadistic" Roald Dahl's publisher-declared status as "The World's #1 Storyteller."

Moving and shaking: I can't figure out from a 3-second Google search before I walk my own kids to their first day of school why Steve Martin's new kids' book, Late for School, is near the top of this morning's Movers & Shakers, but here's a clip of him singing the song the book is based on, on SNL last year:



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Just FYI: Steve Martin's "Late for School" was mentioned in the September 3 issue of Entertainment Weekly, under "Celebrity Author Alert" in the Books section. That may be why it was moving and shaking. It also mentioned his upcoming "An Object of Beauty" (for grownups and due in November). I always get his audio books if he reads them himself - delightful!

Gosh, I was listening to Steve Martin's old comedy album A Wild And Crazy Guy... it was still really cool even these days! It's amazing all the things he is doing and has done, but I think that was IT way back then.

My aunt once worked for him and said he's a great guy, well that's good enough for me!


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